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Second "Ardor Point" Novel Under Way

Press Release:

Indie author and publisher J. Timothy King has officially begun penning the “zero-draft” of the long-awaited second in the “Ardor Point” series of contemporary romance novels, set at Ardor Point, a fictional, romantic, seaside vacation spot in Maine.

I’ve been working on the concept for this book for a long time,” said Tim. “It deals with the recession and the pressure that an economic downturn can put on families and relationships.”

Earlier this week, however, he officially began writing the text of the novel, with what he calls a “zero-draft,” an abridged version of the text that hits all the major points of the story, but not in as much depth as will the final.

When asked what the novel will be titled, he remarked, “I’m not sure yet. I’m going to be testing several different possible titles.”

Tim plans to post updates and insights at, as the manuscript progresses.

See for more information on the Ardor Point novels.

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