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From the Ashes of Courage (Ardor Point #1)

Gail Bishop is a headstrong, driven, single-minded businesswoman, a successful independent professional at only 29 years old. But she still feels empty. Eddie Chase is a fun-loving real-estate agent who made a mint in the boom market, now fast running out of money. And their friends set them up on a blind date, unaware that many years ago, they were once married to each other.

Now, both are taken aback by their feelings for each other at a romantic, seaside cottage on Ardor Point, and by the impact this will have on the rest of their lives. This long-languishing relationship that Gail thought was surely dead, could it hold the secret, the meaning of life that she’s looking for?

A heart-wrenching story of human kindness and love without strings.

How to Get Your Copy

Download the eBook for just $3.97, in PDF, Mobi/Kindle, and ePub/iPad formats.

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Experience this touching, funny-at-times, always-inspiring drama with your own 224-page paperback copy, personally autographed by the author. (While supplies last. Please note that there may be limited supplies and fulfillment delays associated with autographed books.)

And when you order an autographed copy, you get the electronic edition included for free for instant download, in PDF, Mobi/Kindle, and ePub formats.

The Run-down

Genre: Life-expanding, contemporary romance.
Length: Short novel.
Heroine: Gail Bishop, a 20-something-turning-30, successful speech-language pathologist, who feels her life is going nowhere.
Hero: Eddie Chase, a 20-something-turning-30 real-estate agent, quickly going broke.
Setting: Boston & Maine
Plot: Gail and Eddie get set up on blind date by friends who don’t realize that they once were married to each other, for a short time. Eddie finds himself inexplicably falling in love, while Gail wrestles with the direction her life is taking.
Themes: • True love has no strings attached.
• Success is whatever you make of it.
Ideal reader: A young woman, aged 21-35, asking herself what she wants from her life.